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Got questions? We’ve got answers! For questions about the campus brand, or to request a sub-brand logo, please contact us using this form.

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Brand Guidelines

University Communications
Jessica Scherer, Creative Director
(858) 534-0358

Campus Signage

Physical and Community Planning
Todd Pitman, Assistant Director/Campus Landscape Architect
(858) 822-3791

Trademark and Licensing Merchandise, Promotional Items

UC San Diego Bookstore, Office of Trademark and Licensing
Peter Poon, Director, UC San Diego Bookstore
(858) 246-4964

Intercollegiate Athletics

UC San Diego Tritons
Nick Feller, Associate Athletics Director
(858) 534-2508

Invitations and Special Events

Special Events and Protocol
Jill Townsend, Executive Director
(858) 822-1574

UC San Diego Health Identity

UC San Diego Health Marketing and Communications
Erin Lavigna, Director of Marketing and Brand Management
(858) 249-0432

Use of the UC San Diego Name and Imagery

University Communications
Erin Shepler, Executive Director, Marketing
(858) 822-4414