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UC San Diego will always stand recognizable with our core blues and gold, which should always be prominently featured on all university materials. Our expanded accent and neutral palettes bring the UC San Diego brand to new dimensions of life while providing flexibility to represent our campus’s vibrancy and audaciousness.

While combinations of these colors are acceptable in print designs and other collateral, the campus logo must always appear in one of the approved color variations shown on the Primary Campus Logo page.

Color Palette

Ensuring the accuracy of UC San Diego’s brand colors in both print and digital is essential for consistent university communications and representation. For print materials, use the CMYK breakdown or PMS number, and for digital materials, use RGB or HEX. Use only the color codes listed here or download the approved color swatches below.

Download the swatches

Core Colors

Our core colors are the official colors of UC San Diego. Consistent use of these colors in all branding is essential to establishing our identity.


UC San Diego Navy

Pantone 2767

C100 M86 Y42 K42

R24 G43 B73



UC San Diego Blue

Pantone 3015

C100 M35 Y3 K21

R0 G98 B155



UC San Diego Yellow

Pantone 116

C0 M14 Y100 K0

R255 G205 B0



UC San Diego Gold

Pantone 1245

C6 M35 Y99 K18

R198 G146 B20



Our palette of accent colors have been developed to add energy and amplify the UC San Diego brand. Inspired by our vibrant natural surroundings, accent colors can be used in conjunction with our core colors to create materials that push boundaries while still recognizable as UC San Diego.



Pantone 3115

C70 M0 Y16 K0

R0 G198 B215




Pantone 674

C13 M83 Y0 K0

R212 G98 B173




Pantone 9285

C4 M6 Y10 K0

R245 G240 B230




Pantone 3945

C3 M0 Y90 K0

R243 G229 B0




Pantone 144

C0 M51 Y100 K0

R252 G137 B0




Pantone 7490

C60 M23 Y92 K5

R110 G150 B59



Including neutrals into our color palette is essential for long-term adaptability. While these neutral colors may not play a major role in branded materials, they provide options for contrast and flexibility.



Pantone Black

C0 M0 Y0 K100

R0 G0 B0



Cool Gray

Pantone Cool Gray 9

C30 M22 Y17 K57

R116 G118 B120




Pantone 401

C10 M11 Y17 K27

R182 G177 B169




C0 M0 Y0 K0

R255 G255 B255




Pantone 871

*For special/formal occasions. Use on printed items only.

Color Combinations

For the UC San Diego brand to remain recognizable in any work produced, it is necessary to use color combinations that put emphasis on our core colors, specifically our blues. On all external-facing materials, these core colors should be a primary focus with blue being a required color, while any accent colors come secondary and should not be dominant.


UC San Diego Navy, UC San Diego Blue, UC San Diego Yellow and White
classic color swatch


UC San Diego Navy, UC San Diego Gold, Stone and White
formal color swatch


UC San Diego Navy, UC San Diego Blue, Turquoise, Sand and White
monochromatic color swatch


UC San Diego Navy, UC San Diego Blue, Magenta, UC San Diego Yellow and White
vibrant magenta color swatch


UC San Diego Navy, UC San Diego Blue, Turquoise, UC San Diego Yellow and White
vibrant turquoise color swatch

Color Accessibility

Color accessibility should always be considered when designing for web or digital mediums. For more information on accessibility for web and digital materials, as well as a handy color contrast chart, check out the Web and Digital page of the brand guidelines.