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A rationale is the start of the story. It’s an articulation that develops a language and writing style and introduces themes, questions and perspectives. It takes “curiosity must” and builds a creative world around it.

A line. A division where everything known simply ends. It’s straight, dotted, microscopic, everywhere and nowhere at once. What follows is a leap of faith. Where the unknown begins. On the edge of everything that is or has been or was ever dreamed of. That’s where you’ll find us. All of us. The ones who push. The ones who pull. The ones who see this line as a dare, a demarcation between what you’re made of and what you must do. We were born to be out here — below the oceans, beyond the sky and as far flung as imagination will take you. We were founded to move that line. To chase the unknown. To follow our curious minds to unbelievable places.

To begin here and think further.