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Pole Banners

From the sun-soaked Southern California coastline to vast eucalyptus groves and sustainable architecture, our campus environment serves as a backdrop to academic life and community at UC San Diego. To support the overall campus experience and reinforce a positive brand perception, signage on light poles is limited and strictly regulated. However, the university recognizes the need to communicate events, celebrations and commemorations, and to provide tools for wayfinding and identification.

Most pole banner locations will be reserved for specific UC San Diego entities. Other requests for pole banners will be limited to specific areas as indicated on the UC San Diego pole banner map and must be approved according to the process outlined on this page. If you have questions about the process and would like to discuss prior to designing your banners, please contact

Guidelines and Limitations

Requests for banners on light poles will be considered with the following restrictions:

  • Banners shall be placed on designated poles in contiguous areas. Please see the UC San Diego pole banner map and/or contact University Communications for more information on pole locations.
  • Preference for poles near certain buildings will be given to the occupants or scheduled user of those buildings for events or occasions sponsored by the occupying school, college, department or unit.
  • University Communications may remove banners that are tattered, faded or torn without notice. Requesters will be responsible for replacement installation costs, if necessary.
  • Banners may not be used for commercial advertising; promoting or advertising any political candidate, parties or issues; or identifying, advertising or promoting any religion.

Exceptions or deviations from these guidelines must be approved by the Executive Director of Marketing.


The purpose of UC San Diego light pole banners is to create a sense of place by promoting the campus brand, identity and events sponsored by our schools, colleges, departments and major auxiliary units. Pole banner designs must use one of the approved templates.

Design Specifications

  • For poles lower than 20 feet: 20” wide by 54” high
  • For poles higher than 20 feet: 30” wide by 80” high
  • Dimensions include allowance for a 3.5" pocket for installation at the top and bottom of the banner.
  • Banners are printed on both sides. The design can differ on the front and back.
  • Due to safety concerns, only one banner per pole is allowed.
  • Note, certain zones may require location markers. Templates for these will be provided by University Communications where applicable.
pole banner graphic example

Design Recommendations

  • Create simple designs. Limit the amount of type and image(s) for the clearest communication. A short message in large type achieves the best legibility at a glance.
  • Keep designs consistent. An installation may display two different designs, but they must be thematically and visually coordinated.
  • Use the approved templates. The UC San Diego logo must appear in a consistent form and location within the layout of the banner (see below).
  • Follow the campus brand guidelines. All designs should follow brand guidelines regarding color, type, etc.

Download approved templates for light pole banners

Duration of Display

Space may be reserved for a recommended duration of six weeks. The reservation may be extended for up to four additional weeks if no competing requests have been received. Extended periods will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Approval Process

  1. Request: Using the online submission form at the bottom of this page, submit your request at least six weeks prior to desired date of installation (allow two weeks for review and four weeks for design adjustment if necessary, fabrication and installation). Requests made less than six weeks in advance of installation will be considered if time permits for the review process.

    Requests must include:

    1. Name of requesting unit, primary contact and fiscal contact.
    2. Description of purpose of pole banner promotion.
    3. Requested dates for installation and removal.
    4. Requested pole locations (refer to the UC San Diego pole banner map).
    5. Banner design files (vector file or hi-res PDF) using an approved template.

  2. Compliance Review: University Communications will review and make the following determinations:
    1. Purpose: Acceptability or appropriateness of content and message. The banner should support the campus’s mission and have campuswide appeal.
    2. Execution: Acceptability of the proposed graphic design, including use of approved templates and adherence to UC San Diego brand guidelines (presentation of the campus name, use of trademarks, etc.).
    3. Availability: Reasonability of the location request. Locations should be within the designated zones and are evaluated with other requests for pole banners in similar locations at the same time.

  3. Decision: Approval granted, approval with requested modifications, or rejected with explanation.

  4. Fabrication: After the request is approved, the requester will be responsible for submitting a work request to the vendor. Facilities Management is the preferred vendor. Additional vendors will be considered if campus installation specifications can be met.

Note: All requests are subject to review by the Executive Director of Marketing and/or Executive Director of Strategy. In extraordinary circumstances, University Communications maintains the right to adjust the schedule for banner display if deemed necessary.

Pole Banner Request Form