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UC San Diego College Logos

Our students are proud of their colleges. So proud, in fact, that each of the eight colleges has evolved a unique identity. However, each college is first and foremost a part of the greater UC San Diego experience. It’s our university pride and personality that constitute the predominant brand.

The college logos may be used in print and digital media produced by and for the colleges and should be accompanied by the UC San Diego logo in most cases.

co-branding colleges logos

College Colors

Each college has its own unique college color. In most cases, these colors should be applied to the college logo. While the college colors may be included as an accent in collateral, the dominant color scheme should use campus brand colors. Some exceptions may be granted for imprinted products, such as apparel. All other design elements, such as typefaces, graphics and the UC San Diego logo, should follow the guidelines in this document.

Co-Branding Colleges

When pairing the UC San Diego logo with a college logo, the space between the logos should be equal to two cap heights (the height of the "U"). The rule line should be equal in width to the rule line below the campus logo and should extend one x height (the height of the "a") above and below the height of the campus logo.

UC San Diego logo with co-branding colleges logos

College Style Guides

For more information on using college logos and colors, download our college-specific style guides.