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UC San Diego Canva for Teams

The Canva for Teams platform at UC San Diego provides access to easy-to-use branded templates across all channels that are preapproved and customizable. It limits access to just the colors and fonts within UC San Diego brand standards, making it easy to ensure consistency and compliance.

This one-minute video offers a quick overview of Canva for Teams (formerly “Enterprise”) features. To learn more, visit

How can I get access?

UC San Diego’s University Communications office has secured a limited number of licenses in fiscal year 2022-23 to test the platform and assess campuswide appetite for this type of resource. To request a license for your office, please fill out the subscription form. Due to the limited number of available licenses, University Communications will need to restrict the number of licenses per area. If additional licenses are required, please email to discuss support and integration.

Submit request for UC San Diego Canva license

Frequenty Asked Questions

Administration and Setup

What information do I need to create a Canva for Teams account?

A UC San Diego email address is required, and you must have submitted the Canva for Teams subscription form with your department information.

Is there a cost associated with a license?

No. At this time, University Communications is covering the cost for Canva for Teams.

Can multiple people use the same “individual seat”?

Generally, no. Seats are for individuals. Students and interns are an exception. They may share a common seat, but they cannot use it at the same time.

How can we transfer a seat when there’s staff turnover or other need?

Please contact and we’ll take care of it.

Can I merge accounts?

There is no way to merge accounts. The interface does enable users to toggle between accounts. Additionally, you can transfer designs across accounts. Click here for more info on transferring designs.

Can I transfer templates between accounts?

Yes. From one account, you can create a link to a template then go into your other account and paste the link which will create a clone of that template in the destination account.

Can I transfer ownership of files between team members?

Yes. You can refer to this Canva link for instructions on how to transfer ownership and what that does.

Using UC San Diego Canva

Do files need to be approved before they can be downloaded or shared? What does this process entail?

Currently, all files need to be reviewed by the University Communications brand team. This is partly to better understand how the templates are being used and also to ensure quality and consistency of the brand use. We aim to respond with approval or requested changes within three working days of your in-person or email request for review.

Will documents created in Canva for Teams be sharable with others in the unit without accounts?

Yes, a template can be shared via a link to anyone with just a free Canva account. Additionally, you can download the design as a PDF or PPT and share it universally.

Is the UC San Diego Canva for Teams environment suitable for creating confidential documents?

Yes, unless the seat holder publishes their work to a shared folder, it will remain visible only to the seat holder.

How should I upload logos (and vector assets) to my Canva account?

Sub-brand logos should be uploaded as vector SVG files. Vector files are scalable without losing resolution and produce better results in print publications.

To use your vector logos (file formats including .ai and .eps) in Canva, they must be converted to SVG files. Note, while PNG, JPEG and other image versions of your logos may be fine for digital files, never use PNG, JPEG or other image versions of logos for print. You can refer to this Canva link for more help.

Where to find/how to use templates?

On the left navigation panel, you will see “Team: UC San Diego.” Once you select “UC San Diego,” you’ll find a subsection for “Templates.” Here you will find a variety of UC San Diego branded templates from social media posts to A-frames and flyers to infographics. If you have recommendations on additional, frequently used templates, please email for consideration.