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Brand Positioning

Every successful brand is built on a solid foundation. We call this the brand positioning. Brand positioning is both a guiding light and a foundation for our brand. It helps shape new messaging and brand experiences by grounding them in an authentic and ownable perspective that is unique to UC San Diego.

Our positioning consists of: brand purpose, brand pillars and brand tone. These serve as checks and balances that support our brand.

Brand Purpose

A brand purpose is a short articulation that captures the essence of our story succinctly. It is used as a litmus test for brand consistency. As a phrase, it is not outward facing and should only be used for internal inspiration and guidance.

In our case, our brand purpose is: curiosity must.

UC San Diego Brand Purpose is Curiosity Must

These two words speak to both the natural pursuit for discovery that defines us and the unending drive that fuels us. This should act as a common theme for messaging, visuals and other branded moments.

Brand Pillars

Our brand pillars are our core beliefs that define who we are and how we think and speak. All of our messaging should reflect these pillars in one way or another.


At UC San Diego, our prestige stems from our people and our purpose. That’s why we empower our diverse, dynamic coalition of brilliant individuals and intersectional experiences, convening depth and breadth of excellence. Representative of and responsible to the world around us. Bringing and bridging our many differences. Because we know to fully realize our individual and collective greatness we must invest in and amplify excellence by and for all.


We’ve always looked at things differently. Gazing out into a 360° horizon in this epicenter of exchange and convergence, understanding our unique opportunity and responsibility of where and how we live. Influenced, inspired and intentional in connecting and convening this diversity of terrains, cultures, people and possibilities. Reaching out and responding in our cross-cultural, cross-discipline, cross-collaborative environment by nature of where we are and how we take up space.


UC San Diego is a community where awe inspires action and passion drives purpose. We bring and bridge our many unique perspectives and backgrounds as we experience and affect our surroundings. A culture of heads up, rather than heads down; taking in the world around us for all its wonder and needs, all while collaborating and challenging one another in our pursuits. Connected to one another on a deeper level, meaningfully engaging with this place and its people to uncover and accomplish our individual and collective purposes.


When we allow our academic endeavors to flow into the community around us, we begin to ask the questions a world in need demands. Unbridled fascination that drives deep responsibility. Because when impact and innovation are inseparable from the personal, you make impact and innovation that actually matter on an emotional level. Industry changing yet individually felt. Leading human impact, human experiences and human advancement from our people for all people.