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Sub-brand Logos and Co-branding

Sub-brand Logos

UC San Diego is a large, diverse and structurally complex institution. To unify the university’s many academic, research and administrative units, we have created a system of sub-brand logos. Sub-brands are designed to highlight individual departments or units, while visually connecting the unit with the university brand.

A unit sub-brand consists of the UC San Diego logo with a unit name below. In some cases, as with academic departments, it is appropriate to include the academic division or school followed by the academic department.

Under no circumstances should any text or graphic other than a unit name be coupled with the logo.

To obtain a sub-brand logo, please contact University Communications at Units may not design their own sub-brand logo.

Do you really need your own logo/symbol?

Separate or unique logos for your unit, department or project are often unnecessary and can confuse the audience and your message. Academic, administrative, research and support units may not create, commission, or adopt individual unit logos. The best way to develop your unit’s image is through consistent use of color, type and imagery, and by using the UC San Diego logo or an approved sub-brand logo.

UC San Diego sub-brand logo examples
For help developing your unit’s brand, please contact University Communications at


Partner Logos

At UC San Diego, we believe that solid partnerships multiply our impact. In co-branded communication, we place a rule line between logos, ensuring that both logos are of equal visual weight.Space between the logos should be equal to two cap heights (the height of the “U”). The rule line should be equal in width to the rule line below the campus logo and should extend one x height (the height of the "a") above and below the height of the campus logo.

UC San Diego Partner Logos example

Multiple Campus Units

When representing multiple campus units on a piece—for example, on the sponsor page of an event program—use a single UC San Diego logo with unit names listed separately in text, either below the logo or to the right separated by a rule line. Do not use multiple sub-brand logos together.

UC San Diego logo with multiple campus units below example UC San Diego logo with multiple campus units to the right example